Opening of Barclays Center – Home of The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets hope that having the most technologically-advanced stadium in sports bodes well for the future of their team. It took nine years and numerous court battles to build Barclays Center, but the 1 billion dollar building was finally unveiled to the public last week. Aesthetically, the structure is an organic ode to the future — metal plates of varying sizes, curves and flowing lines — most notable for the Oculus, a gigantic 360-degree high-definition display that will show live game footage, movies and even art installations. Within its walls, some 18,200 fans will enjoy free Wi-Fi, food and beverage apps, and 8,000 square feet of LED signage. Watch the video above for an in-depth glimpse into the Nets’ new high-tech home court. Brooklyn, it seems, does go pretty hard after all.


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